Albert’s Shed Southwater has been designed from the ground up. The system is a bespoke design, made specifically for the acoustics of our building.

Below you’ll find all the technical specs for our stage and equipment we have in house.


Depth Approx: 16ft
Width Approx: 22ft

There is a fire escape route down the stage right side. It needs to be kept free of obstruction during live performances.


There is power supplied to both sides of the stage.

  • Blue Acoustic dual 18″ subs
  • Blue Acoustic dual 12″ tops
  • Blue Acoustic 10″ infills (pair) x 2

6 x Blue Acoustic 15″ monitors driven by Matrix 6004 amplifer

Allen & Heath SQ6

SQ-6 offers class-leading high-resolution audio fidelity and ultra-low latency of <0.7ms. The console features 24 onboard mic preamps, plus 8 stereo FX engines with dedicated return channels and access to the RackExtra FX library. SQ provides 12 stereo mixes (configurable as groups or auxes).

4 x Shure SM58
2 x Shure Beta 58A
2 x Shure Beta 57A
3 x Shure SM57
6 x DI Box

Drum kit mics:

3 x Sennheiser E604
4 x Sennheiser E614
1 x Shure Beta 52A
1 x Shure Beta 91A

2 x Audix D2