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We’ve have noticed how difficult it is to get radio play outside of your local area. While there’s some great work going on at the BBC for local musicians, it’s not so easy for touring musicians or getting local acts more exposure.

So we came up with this idea. It’s called Albert’s Shed Radio.

What is Albert’s Shed Radio?

Albert’s Shed Radio is a grassroots radio station based on Soundcloud. It’s aimed at supporting independent artists by working with independent shops and businesses in Shropshire and the West Midlands to play Albert’s Shed Radio, gaining you exposure.

What’s the cost?

There is no direct cost. In fact, the plan is to give you more exposure. 

But there is a slight catch, let me explain.

For a shop to play music, be that the radio, streaming or whatever, it costs them at least £307 (excluding VAT) for PRS /PPL.

That’s a lot of money for smaller businesses.

But imagine if they were playing your music on rotation throughout their opening times.

To do that, we’re asking to use your music royalty-free in our partner shops. Their incentive is to save money; your incentive is to get more exposure.

But what about the money made from streaming?

Consider this:

Digital Music News reported in 2017 that after 150,000 streams an artist would make around £77. A growing touring band can command a higher price, but what they need to grow is exposure.

How will we promote you?

As well as you being played in all partner independent shops and businesses across our focused areas we’ll do the following:

– Produce flyers in shops so fans can find the music they hear and love
– Promote all Albert’s Shed Radio bands on the main webpage
– Promote any news you have through our mailing list as well as creating news posts on the Albert’s Shed blog (syndicated through our social media channels)

What happens if you want out?

Just send us an email saying you want us to remove all your info from our hosting channels (Soundcloud/Albert’s Shed Website).