Albert loves live entertainment! So if you are a performer or an agent please fill in the contact form below, please note we don’t book tribute acts.

As you’d expect, Friday and Saturday nights are busy nights for us at Albert’s Shed. On Fridays we usually book bands who play original, fresh music that gets the party going, and on Saturday nights we book high profile artists and cover acts. Because we’re committed to providing a whole range of entertainment every night of the week, Sunday and Mondays are often springboard sessions for up and coming solo artists or groups. For brand new bands, our jam night slots are a great way to build up confidence or test out new material. Wednesdays are all about praising songwriting talent and it’s all about that intimate feeling between auidence and performer.

The Shed is not exclusive to musicians, we host theatre productions, comedy and pretty much any form of entertainment as long as you keep most of your clothes on. If it gets people clapping, we’ll make it happen.

Your point of contact on the day will be the on-duty bar manager. Please call the venue and speak to them if you are running late or have any problems.

Lateness could result in you missing your sound check.

The sound engineer/stage manager will be in charge of your set times and the smooth running of the evening. Look to them if you are unsure of timings.

Please note: We are open to the public from 12.00pm so please be respectful of our customers.

Unless otherwise stated, our standard soundcheck times are as follows:

Load in – 6.30-7.30pm

Sound engineer/stage manager arrival – 7pm

Sound check in reverse order – 7.30pm

Please note, support acts may have to opt for a line check; time-dependent.

Fri, Sat & Sun Nights

First Set (or support): 9pm – 9.45pm
Second Set (or headliner): 10.15pm – 11pm+

Albert’s Songwriters Showcase (Weds):

Support 1 & 2: From 9.30pm
Headline: 10.30pm – 11.30pm

On Wednesday/Friday/Saturday the stage must be cleared immediately after the headliner finishes in order for the club night to start. If you wish to stay in the venue after the club night has begun, please talk to the duty manager about storing your equipment.

Unless discussed otherwise, all band members*  will receive two drinks tokens enabling them to purchase:

Bottles: Atlantic Ale, Staropramen Lager

Cans: Red Stripe Lager

Spirits: Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum or Gordon’s Gin plus mixer (Coke Zero, Lemonade or Sparkling Water)

* Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings only, excludes all-day events.

Assuming your a standard band setup then headliners are expected to provide a full backline consisting of minimum: 1 x bass amp,
1 x guitar amp and drum shells. We expect that your drummer will share drum shells and if possible, cymbal stands. Bass amp or cab share is preferable.

Please let us know if this is a problem beforehand.


Bring any other instruments / amplification you may need for your performance.

The venue has WiFi, please ask a member of staff for the password.


We are strictly an over 18’s venue after 10pm, this goes for both the band and the audience. This is non-negotiable as it is a condition of our license. No one under the age of 18 is allowed in the venue after 10pm even if they are not drinking alcohol.

Unless contractually arranged prior to the event, you will receive your payment from the duty manger, in cash, once the stage is cleared and all the in-house equipment has been safely handed back to the stage manager / sound engineer.

Ticketed Events: To be discussed with management

Albert’s Songwriters Showcase (Wednesday): To be discussed with Nikki Rous

Friday Nights: To be discussed with management

Saturday Nights: To be discussed with management

Sunday nights: To be discussed with management

Please check on the individual events page for ticket price.

There is a Health and Safety document available in the bar.

Please make sure that no equipment, cases or personal items are left blocking a fire exit.

Our Social Media handles are:

FACEBOOK: AlbertLovesLive

TWITTER: @AlbertLovesLive

INSTAGRAM: AlbertLovesLive

You are responsible for the promotion of your show. If you don’t promote, then not only will you have lower attendance, but you will also not be booked to play another show at Albert’s Shed.

We expect you to create a Facebook event for the show, please add us as a co-host so we can then add it to our page. If we have created the event, then we can make the relevant people admins once you have clicked ‘attending’. Please avoid having multiple events for one show.

Invite guests, post content, share the event around, tag Albert’s Shed, tag friends.

We will share the event on our page and tweet about it. Please like, share and comment on our posts as we will for you. The more interaction a post has, the more people it will reach.

We will add your band to our website and promote the event through our social media channels. For us to do this effectively we need a good promotional image (width 1200px; height 500px), we also use images for a banners and social (width 940px; height 600px).

A video of your live performance and a biography is also required.

Please make contact to: with all aspects of additional promotion.

We are keen to create lots of content to promote shows, especially for original artists performing over the weekend. We have contacts with local radio and media plus we publish regular articles on our blog such as interviews and acoustic performances, please contact to discuss this further.

If you’re performing at Albert’s Songwriters Showcase your direct contact for all promotional material is Nikki Rous.

Suggested places for further promotion:


If you are a headline band then please send us an A3 portrait poster as a .jpeg or .pdf file and any other assets that you have to aid promotion from our side to Ideally, we’d prefer if you could send printed posters to our address one month prior to the show.

If you are a supporting band then please be in contact with the headline band using the details at the top of this document with any logos that could be used on the poster. Please also send us any other promotional assets that might be helpful to our promotion.

We will put posters of your show around the venue. If you wish to take posters anywhere else, then let us know and we will print up to 10 more for you to collect and distribute. Please be aware that fly postering is illegal, do not place posters anywhere that you are not authorised to do so. You will be held responsible for any fines that may occur.

i.e. @albertloveslive
i.e. @albertloveslive
i.e. @albertloveslive
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