Shrewsbury’s Square will play host to a celebration of music where everyone is encouraged to join in on the performance.
A procession for Make Music Day (which is held on 21 June each year) will be fronted by UK festival favourites HENGE who bring with them a visual spectacular that is out of this world.
The event begins at Shrewsbury’s Square on Fri 21 June from 4.30pm where a congregation of young and old will join in the celebration to promote one simple message:
‘Every child should have the opportunity to play music’. 
It’s an idea supported by over 120 counties, across 700 cities that are also expected to take part in Make Music Day.
We’ll be fundraising for Hope House Children’s Hospices as the precession of music passes from the Square, towards Butchers Row and then down Pride Hill.
We encourage everyone to dress up for the occasion, it is Summer Solstice after all.
Everyone is welcome to join in the event which will be finished at around 5.30pm. Henge will be performing at Albert’s Shed at 9pm on Friday 21st June 2019.

Below are some ideas for making free musical instruments from recycled materials.


Collect bottles with ridges in advance. Take the wrappers off and decorate the outside if your like or leave it clear. Then fill them with something that rattles like peas. Put the cap back on your bottles and seal with electrical tape to keeps the contents in. If you like, add colorful ribbons to the top part.

When you are ready to play, give each child an unsharpened pencil or chop stick to rub on their guiro. Demonstrate the sound that a guiro will make when rubbing it so they know what it does.


Here is a simple method for you and your students to create a fun sounding drum.

All you need is an empty coffee tin drum which you can paint or wrap with craft paper. Some string to hang the drum and some sticks.

Older children could reverse the drum, steel side up and pound with a mallet for a more Carribean-style steel drum sound.


Fill two small water bottles with your chosen contents, close the cap and listen to the sound. Often Maracas have different pitches, so try using a mixture of materials like rice in one and peas in the other, or beads, buttons or clips. Once it sounds good to your ears, then you can make the handles.

Two toilet roll tubes with a straight cut down the middle and then wrapped with electrical tape is a great way to secure the bottles to the cardboard, just make sure you have enough overlap from plastic to card otherwise they might fly off into the sunset.


The Shekere is an instrument from Africa. It makes a wonderful rattling when played.

How do you play it? It gets to jump between your hands and into the air. Of course, you try to catch it and shake it in the rhythm to your song and that makes for lots of fun.

All you need is a large plastic milk jug – or similar container and add some materials inside. This could include: sand, salt, bird seed, unpopped popcorn or uncooked macaroni.

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