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Halloween Events 2018

Get ready for the dark season to begin. Shake in your size nines as Albert’s Shed, Shrewsbury takes you hellbound with week of Halloween Events full of murderous music and ghoulish grooves. Alive or dead, we’ll make sure your bones are shaking to some of the best talent Shropshire has to offer from the sublime to the resurrected.

24th Oct 2018

Hoo-Hah Halloween Cabaret

The first of our Halloween events. A splendid Halloween themed evening of music, magic & mayhem. Joining Jonathan’s Hoo-Hah Conspiracy on the bill is the amazing Sylvia Sceptre and her magic of the macabre, the strange vaudeville-blues songs of David Brinkworth & The Pit PLUS our very special guest Captain Of The Lost Waves, the magical musician!


30 October 2018

Halloween Jam Night

Albert might get a grumpy about the chaos that happens on mischievous night. Particularly when he opens the shed door to see a flaming brown bag, which he furiously stamps on.

So to ward off those little irks he’s inviting the good musicians and monsters of Shropshire to come play on his prized stage.

Starts at 8.30pm until it’s time to return to the grave.

Alberts Shed Halloween Jam Night

31 October 2018

Halloween Party

The day the dead arise (onto the dancefloor) to the sounds of Mad Spanner followed by the Halloweed disco playing spooky songs with live vocals and percussion.

Entry is free, costumes aren’t necessary but you might find you’re the only LIVING soul at what looks to be the best Halloween event in Shrewsbury.

Prizes for best dressed.

Hellishly Tasty Cocktails

Albert has been busy working on a way to revive our dearly departed award-winning mixologist. Her body lays rigid and lifeless in the eves of his shed, lost to the ravages of barwork. Neither the less, that doesn’t stop him from wiring up to the overhead cables that run down Barker Street. With a series of jolts, he notices that her cold, dead heart begins to beat again and slowly an arm raises.

Stepping back out of sheer fear for his own mortal being, Albert watches as the corpses pointed nails, sharp as rats teeth slam into the bartop. The sound is unbearable. Cowering, Albert takes to the corner of the room, cupping his ears, teeth gritted and eyes tightly shut. He waits. Though only for a minute, it feels like hours before he plucks up the courage to open one eye, very slowly. There is no movement from her. Just the eerie silence of the blood pulsing through his veins.

Like jelly, his legs soon begin to settle until he’s able to push himself up from the floor. Creeping slowly he take a look at what she wrote.

That’ll do nicely, he though.

Pumpkin Poison Cocktail

Pumpkin Poison

Sexy ghost just got hotter with this combination. The ideal party drink for those who like things rich and spicy.


Double Disaronno, Pumpkin Syrup, Gomme and Squirty Cream

Tastes like

Like a graveyard walk in Autumn; a hand grabs your leg and drags you under the earth.

Halloween Martini Punch

Halloween Martini Punch

A horrifyingly strong but equally flavoursome chocolate flavoured drink with the extra kick of liquor.


Double Vodka, Milk Chocolate Syrup and then Mozart Syrup to top.

Tastes like

The gates of hell have frozen over and the dead have returned to feed us their blood.

The Hoo Hah Cocktail

The Hoo-Hah

A drink that brings together good vs. evil in a bloodied war for the survival of the living human race.


Double Hendricks Gin, Peach Schnapps, Gomme, Orange Juice, Soda.

Tastes like

This might be your last drink before you take on the archangels on the killing fields.