When Albert first opened his Shed, he wanted nothing more than to see talented musicians flourish in Shropshire and beyond. A place where artists would go to meet, collaborate and create.

We’ve been so successful that now we need more people to help out for paid and unpaid positions (nothing is truly unpaid, we’ll offer you lots of extra benefits).



Albert is looking for creative photographers who have the equipment to take great photos. It will mean you’ll need a good lens that works in low light and an external flash to capture people having a great time in his Shed.

Sound Engineers

Albert is always looking for quality sound engineerings to join his team. You don’t need to know how to operate our equipment but you do need solid experience working with a range of artists from MCs & DJs, all the way up to large bands. If you’ve got a great ear and a friendly face you’re halfway there.


With so many artists coming through his Shed, Albert wants to capture the very best reviews of music happing at his venues. This isn’t a paid job but if you enjoy writing and can proof edit your own work to a high standard (and even better get the reviews out to a wide audience on popular blogs), then you’ll never need to buy a ticket again (and Albert will throw a few beers in for good measure too).