Dog Friendly Pubs in Shrewsbury

Are you one of those people who love to visit dog friendly pubs and bars in Shrewsbury? Albert certainly is. For a hard-centred old man, he’s certainly got a soft spot for man’s best friend. The look, a wag of the tail and even a bark of acceptance, there’s nothing quite like it. So Albert suggested we write about the best dog-friendly pubs and bars in Shrewsbury, in hope that anyone visiting the town will bring along their favourite pooch.

Which pubs and bars in Shrewsbury are not dog friendly?

You may have read recently that JD Wetherspoon pubs have banned all canines from their pubs from 10 September 2018. Dogs are not even welcome outside. That might come as a shock to you; it did to us too. The company states that dogs are ‘unpredictable’ and cause too much mess, of course helper dogs are allowed on their premises. Shrewsbury has two JD Wetherspoon pubs and bars in Shrewsbury town centre, Montgomery’s Towers and the Shrewsbury Hotel. But fear not fellow dog lovers, are lots of other options to choose from.

This list acts as a guide only of bars we’ve visited so please comment if you feel we should add other dog friendly bars and pubs in and around Shrewsbury.

How to spot dog friendly pubs and bars in Shrewsbury?

OK, this might be over simplifying things, but first check for water bowls and buckets outside. The best dog-friendly pubs and bars put out fresh water each day. And even if you can’t see a water bowl, don’t be afraid to ask. Most places are happy to accommodate your doggy, so make your voice heard.

The best pubs and bars to take your dog – Frankwell, Shrewsbury

The Olive Tree

Frankwell island, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY3 8JR
Tel: 01743 383373

So it’s technically a tapas bar and restaurant, but The Olive Tree is also a local hangout bar for residents in Shrewsbury. Their menu is extremely affordable and the food is a super tasty mix of Spanish inspired cuisine. They are super doggy friendly and have a lovely outdoor area too if you prefer the space. But if you want to sit indoors, no problem at all, dogs are allowed in all areas of the restaurant.

Facebook: @theolivetreeshrewsbury

Dog Friendly Pubs The Olive Tree Shrewsbury - Dog resting

Doggy Friendly Pubs and Bars on the Shrewsbury Victoria Quays

The Armoury

Welsh Bridge, Shrewsbury, SY1 1HH

If you’ve got a pooch with loads of energy then there’s no better place to rest after a walk through the beautiful Quarry than at The Armoury. You can sit at the bar area or outside overlooking the River Severn. So they are dog friendly to a point, but do they get the accolade being the best dog-friendly bar in Shrewsbury?

Facebook: @armouryshrewsbury

The Armoury Dog Friendly Pubs in Shrewsbury

Sabrina Boat

Victoria Quay, Victoria Ave, Welsh Bridge, Shrewsbury SY1 1HH
Booking: 01743 369741

Now, when we say dog friendly bar or pub, is it possible to include a boat? We think it’s fair, that’s because as well as being one of the best attractions in Shrewsbury (you get to see the town from a whole new perspective). Enjoy your favourite tipple and cruise at the same time, which your pooch. We suggest that those with hyperactive dogs may not want to take this excursion. Not because you’re not welcome; but because once you’re on, it’s not easy to get off until the 45 min ride is over.

Facebook: @Sabrinaboat1

Dog Friendly things to do in Shrewsbury

Dog’s allowed – Barker Street

Albert’s Shed

8 Barker St, Shrewsbury SY1 1QJ
Tel: 01743 241124

A walk around Shrewsbury’s most dog friendly pubs and bars wouldn’t be complete without dropping into Albert’s Shed. We’re a fully-fledged live music venue, so we wouldn’t recommend visiting with your doggy pal on Thurs/Fri/Sat evening after 8pm.

Albert’s Shed in the the daytime or mid-week evenings is the perfect time for you to visit with your dog. Music levels are usually quite low and if we have acts it’s likely they’ll be performing on acoustic instruments. So you can enjoy the live music, singing (and barking) along while you both enjoy a drink.

Please note: we are all dog mad here, so expect your best friend to become the centre of attention.

Facebook: @albertsshedshrewsbury

Alberts Shed Dogs Welcome

And up onto Bellstone

The Loopy Shrew

17 Bellstone, Shrewsbury SY1 1HU
Tel:01743 366505

The Loopy Shrew is part of a leisure group that includes Darwin’s Townhouse and Porterhouse. All of which are doggy-friendly pubs and bars in Shrewsbury. The Loopy Shrew is a cool place to hang out with your pup, but you won’t get the full use of the premises. Dogs are restricted to the ‘coffee bar’ area only, but it’s nice and spacious all the same. They serve great food and is super relaxed. If you’re stopping overnight, we suggest staying at Darwin’s Townhouse because they have dog friendly rooms.

Facebook: @theloopyshrew

Dog Friendly Places to Eat and Drink Shrewsbury

Heading up towards Shoplatch

Chez Sophie

10 Mardol Head, Shrewsbury, SY1 1HD
Tel: 01743 588560

Keep walking up towards Pride Hill and you’ll find one of our favourite places in Shrewsbury, Chez Sophie. This is not just an independent business with a great taste in Belgian beers and who make the tastiest waffles in Shrewsbury. No, Chez Sophie is super dog friendly. Although not a bar as such, their selection of alcoholic drinks definitely puts them in Albert’s good books. But more importantly, they really do have a love for dogs. Does that make Chez Sophie a contender as one of best dog-friendly bars in Shrewsbury, we think it might.

Facebook: @lescrepesdesophie

Chez Sophie Dog Friendly Shrewsbury

Dog Friendly Pubs and Bars on Dogpole

Cromwells Wine Bar

11 Dogpole, Shrewsbury SY1 1EN

It seems fitting that we end this article with a visit to Cromwells Wine Bar that is situated in Dogpole, how apt. Now this is another truly dog friendly pub in Shrewsbury, with loads of space outside and inside. The staff are very accommodating and will give your four-legged friends lots of love an attention

Facebook: @cromwellsinnshrewsbury

Do you agree that these are the best dog-friendly pubs and bars in Shrewsbury? Is there anyone we forgot to mention? Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.

Props to Paws Across Britain for their pics!