Sadly we’ve no televised fixtures for Shrewsbury in April and to be honest, it’s going to be pretty difficult to comment on. Many of Shrewsbury’s April fixtures are against teams all in the same boat, all scrambling to get the bilge pump working so that they don’t go down to the murky waters of League 2 football.

From the first of April, Shrewsbury has six games left in the season. Four of those games are against teams who sit side-by-side, just outside of the relegation zone.

Liverpool Fixtures for April

We’ll be showing all the Liverpool games, and there are some cracking games to be played before the season is out.

Three games: Southampton (05/04), Cardiff City (21/04) and Huddersfield (26/04) are all games Liverpool will be hoping to walk away with easy wins. Chelsea on Sunday 14th April at 16:30 will be more of a challenge, but they’re not looking in great form.

So it looks like the big issue for the Reds is how they manage Leg 1 (09/04) and Leg 2 (17/04) of the Champions League Quarter-Final while continuing with their Premier League campaign.

All eyes are on rivals Man City who have a somewhat easy start to the month, but with an FA Cup Semi-Final against Brighton (06/04), three games against Tottenham (two Quarter-final legs on 09/04 and 17/04) and one Premier League match (20/04) plus a local derby against Man United (24/04). They’ll be glad to meet up with Burnley FC on 28/04 for sure.

Wolves Fixtures for April

For Wolves, the game is almost up for entering next years Champions League race, but they can’t complain really considering how much they’ve achieved. But they’re very much still in with a chance of winning the FA Cup as they face Watford on Sunday 7th April 2019 at 16:00. They’ve had a tough run so far, beating Liverpool and Manchester United whereas Watford has had an easy run. But with just one point between the two teams in the Premier League, it’s anyone’s game.

April 2019 Football Fixtures

Monday 1st April

Arsenal v Newcastle United | Premiership | 20:00

Tuesday 2nd April

Wolves v Man Utd | Premiership | 19:45

Friday 5th April

Southampton v Liverpool | Premiership | 20:00

Saturday 6th April

Man City v Brighton & Hove Albion | FA Cup | 12:30

Sunday 7th April

Everton v Arsenal | Premiership | 14:05

Watford v Wolves | FA Cup | 16:00

Monday 8th April

Chelsea v West Ham | Premiership | 20:00

Tuesday 9th April

Tottenham Hotspur v Man City | Champions League | 20:00

Liverpool v FC Porto | Champions League | 20:00

Wednesday 10th April

Man Utd v Barcelona | Champions League | 20:00

Ajax v Juventus | Champions League | 20:00

Thursday 11th April

Arsenal v Napoli | Europa League | 20:00

Slavia Prague v Chelsea | Europa League | 20:00

Friday 12th April

Leicester City v Newcastle United | Premiership | 20:00

Saturday 13th April

Tottenham Hotspur v Huddersfield Town | Premiership | 12:30

Man Utd v West Ham | Premiership | 17:30

Sunday 14th April

Crystal Palace v Man City | Premiership | 14:05

Liverpool v Chelsea | Premiership | 16:30

Monday 15th April

Watford v Arsenal | Premiership | 20:00

Tuesday 16th April

Barcelona v Man Utd | Champions League | 20:00

Juventus v Ajax | Champions League | 20:00

Wednesday 17th April

FC Porto v Liverpool | Champions League | 20:00

Man City v Tottenham | Champions League | 20:00

Thursday 18th April

Chelsea v Slavia Prague | Europa League | 20:00

Napoli v Arsenal | Europa League | 20:00

Saturday 20th April

Man City v Tottenham Hotspur | Premiership | 12:30

Newcastle United v Southampton | Premiership | 17:30

Sunday 21st April

Everton v Man Utd | Premiership | 13:30

Cardiff City v Liverpool | Premiership | 16:00

Monday 22nd April

Chelsea v Burnley | Premiership | 20:00

Wednesday 24th April

Man Utd v Man City | Premiership | 20:00

Friday 26th April

Liverpool v Huddersfield Town | Premiership | 20:00

Saturday 27th April

Tottenham Hotspur v West Ham | Premiership | 12:30

Brighton & Hove Albion v Newcastle United | Premiership | 17:30

Sunday 28th April

Burnley v Man City | Premiership | 14:05

Man Utd v Chelsea | Premiership | 16:30

Monday 29th April

Leicester City v Arsenal | Premiership | 20:00


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