True musical gold often comes from humble beginnings, and Albert first met one of his favourite acts, Effervescent when they performed at the #AlbertLovesLive jam night which happens every Tuesday evening from 8.30pm until late. It was here the old codger had his heart melted by three young ladies who stole the evening.

From there, Albert’s Shed has been fortunate enough to host the act twice with the release of their singles, ‘My Mind and I’ in April 2018, followed by ‘Bound to Be’ in July. Both times Albert’s Shed provided backing musicians to accompany the three piece.

Essentially, Effervescent’s sound is pop music, combining a range of different styles; jazz and funky chords, often overlaid with a soulful country-esqe edge. What makes this act so captivating is at just 18 their songwriting skills are evolving at an astonishing rate. So much so that over the summer the band wrote a plethora of new tunes, creating enough music to perform a headline set at Albert’s Shed’s Songwriters’ Showcase in September 2018. On Fri 14th December 2018 Effervescent release their debut E.P ‘Dull Days’ which includes the song ‘Isn’t it Good’ which you can watch below.

If you’ve not previously been down to the Songwriters’ Showcase on a Wednesday, you’re in for a treat. Every musician plays only original compositions and for many it’s the first time they’ve been given the opportunity to drop the covers. Hosted by the talented Nikki Rous and supported by Shrop Rocks, Effervescent nailed their performance much to the delight of the audience.

Original Music – A Springboard to Success

After meeting at Lakelands Academy in Ellesemere, the three-piece soon started to perform live to raise money for their school music department in Shrewsbury and Chester. Soon things picked up as Laura Powell, Harriet Rose and Jay Morrison-Little were quickly noticed by music fans, leading to their first gig at Ellesmere’s Merefest in 2015.

All three decided to continue with their studies at Shrewsbury Sixth Form College, providing a great opportunity to develop their sound and project their passion even further afield. In early 2018 Effervecent debut single achieved ‘Song of the Month’ from BBC Introducing, their second release gained the acolade as ‘Record of the Week’. Their original music has enabled the act to perform at prestigious venues such as the O2 Institute in Birmingham and the highly acclaimed Shrewsbury Folk Festival in 2018.

In late 2018, Jay Morrison-Little decided to move on to pastures new, replaced by the vastly talented Georgia Clark, a Songwriters’ Showcase vereran herself. So we expect to see even more amazing music coming from these three in the not-too distant future.


Flying the flag in Shropshire

Albert’s Shed is committed to helping local acts to develop and flourish, not just to give them a platform to perform in Shrewsbury. Our mission is to see Shropshire become a hub of original music. A place where people from across the UK and beyond can look to the county for creative inspiration. When you look at the talent we have on our doorstep, it this shouldn’t be hard to achieve.

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